Alexandrides Engineering and Management Services (ALEXEMS) Pty Ltd has significant expertise and capability in the following areas.

Strategic Asset Management
Strategic asset management for complex machines and systems.  This encompasses whole of life engineering, commercial and performance requirements and associated maintenance delivery regime (in-house &/or out sourced).  Systems include locomotives, railcars, rail wagons, workshop facilities, communication systems, condition monitoring systems, failure and reliability analysis and supporting information technology;

Strategic Business Management 
Strategic business planning and business plan implementation for railway rollingstock engineering or businesses with complex machinery or processes.  This includes defining objectives, financial analysis, commercial negotiation, contractual execution and establishment of business systems and processes and organizational human resource plans to support effective on-going performance of the business;

Organisational Review
Organisational review projects to improve business performance and effectiveness from both quantitative and qualitative assessments in areas of asset maintenance, workshop facilities, business planning, customer service, business operations, business case development, strategic human resource plans, organization design, organization culture, meeting facilitation, business IT and quality systems and change management;

Operations Management and Leadership 
Operations management and leadership in rail transport logistics and rail asset management in a complex environment of people, equipment, customers, suppliers and Regulators.  We have significant expertise in rail accreditation, quality and risk management systems, major incident recovery, major incident investigation, risk assessment, systems audit and managing business performance against objectives;

Project Management 
Project management of large scale and complex nature including asset purchase (locomotives, wagons and workshops), asset overhaul, facility design and construction, supply and service contracts negotiation and establishment, fuel consumption management, revenue enhancement, cost optimisation, carbon footprint abatement, load safety improvement and organisational change.


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